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Running, Paddling

On the Road Again
I've been taking short runs from home, out to a pond on - er - private land, and swimming. The pond is fed by a year-round creek, lined with cattails, and at its warmest this time of year. There is usually a flock of elegant little birds floating around and if I approach them doing breaststroke, they let me get close. Last week about 15 of them started flying circles around me. I rotated in the water, following them as they turned, until they settled down. They're called red phalaropes:

Red phalarope

On the Sea Again
After work yesterday I took my paddleboard out in the lagoon. It was the night before the autumn equinox, and a weak storm was hovering out at sea. Absolutely no wind, the lagoon like glass, air fresher than it's been all summer. I paddled hard and the board seemed to fly across the water. Seagulls were coming in from the ocean as is their wont before storms, circling around several times in flashes of winged-whiteness, before settling on the mud flats. A sense of stillness, the in-between-ness of the seasons, a peacefulness in this small part of the world.

"...the ancient precept, know thyself,
and the modern precept, study nature,
become at last one maxim."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Off to Germany
I'm taking off for the Frankfurt International Book Fair tomorrow and will get off some blogs from the road next week. I'm taking a side trip to the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz to see the original Gutenberg Press and a copy of the Gutenberg Bible. Gutenberg invented movable type. Before that, books were printed individually, by hand. On another side trip I'm going to shoot photos at Der Hessenpark, a building museum with over 100 rebuilt old buildings in Neu Anspach.

Brazilian Soccer Star Marta

I was looking at YouTube last week and clicked on one of the most-viewed film clips. It showed Marta Vieira Da Siolva, Brazil's sensational soccer star in action against the American team. Unbelievable moves. Sport as art.

Marta in action