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Restaurant Kartoffel-Küch: The Potato Palace

In Bad Homburg (about 10 miles northewst of Frankfurt), there's a unique eatery called Restaurant Kartoffel-Küch. It's one large, warmly-lit room, with long tables, candles glowing, walls decorated with old metal food signs, and antique kitchen implements everywhere. A couple of beautiful old tiled wood cookstoves. The room just has it, gemutlicheit up the gesundheit.

It's also a pub, with beer on tap. The menu is diverse, but featured are potato dishes, some of which are listed below:
Hiimel & Erde (Heaven on Earth)
A casserole of mashed potatoes, apple sauce, liver, blood sausage, bacon, and onions
Hoppel Popple
Potatoes, onions, parsley, beef, eggs
A wonderful dish of ingredients we always have readily available. As far as I could figure, here would be the recipe:
-Steam some sliced potatoes lightly, then fry to brown.
-Saute onions, parsley, spice (oregano?) in olive oil.
-Saute sliced pieces beef (or lamb, chicken, pork), add water to get juice.
-saute above together and pour into casserole dish.
-Pour in beaten eggs.
-bake in oven.
Schupfnudels: Fried potato dumpling dough, saerkraut, bacon, cream sauce
-potato/egg pancake filled with warm blueberries, topped with a dab of whipped cream. Talk about heaven on earth!

Kartoffelpuffer mit apfelmus
(does that not have a ring to it?): potato pancakes with apple sauce. These were cooked crispy brown.

In this restaurant the waitresses worked at high speed, pony tails flying. Zipping to the tables, pouring draft beer, bussing dishes with plates piled on one arm, vigilant as to customers' needs. The art of waitressing…