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Builders of the Pacific Coast Sneak Previews #2

Early rough layouts of our forthcoming book, should be out by June. For more previews, go to our website.

Left: meditation dome on an island in British Columbia; right: cordwood house

Right: Nori's yurt, which has a full basement; right: meditation yurt


Gitana 13 Sets World Sailing Record

I shot this photo of the Gitana 13 maxi-catamaran sailboat anchored off Tiburon last week after setting a world record for the fastest voyage by sail from New York to San Francisco: 43 days and 38 minutes on a 14,500-mile route that took it around Cape Horn at the tip of South America. The French sailboat broke the 1989 world record by more than 14 days, averaging 15.88 knots. Note: the record for this distance was set in 1851 and held for over 140 years by the clipper ship Flying Cloud.

The Myth and Promise of Dirt Cheap Housing/Wood-Fired Oven/Wood Carving Tools

These three websites came in yesterday:
The Myth and Promise of Dirt Cheap Housing

How To Build
a Wood-Fired Oven & Start a Home Bakery

Adzes, crooked knives, other tools used by Pacific Northwest coastal carvers

Multi-Level Trailer Park

This has been floating around on the web lately