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Two Old Guys With Cameras in Panama City

I looked at this guy and he looked at me. Both, with cameras around our necks, same age group, on the paseo in Panama City. About 3 weeks ago. He shot a Polaroid of me (right) ($3) while I took the photo of him. We kept running into each other on subsequent days.

Interview: Lloyd Kahn: In Praise of the Hand-Built Home

Here's an interview of me done last Sunday by Martrha Danly, editor of Green By Design.

Brand New Ghost Towns

Unoccupied new housing complex in Novato, Calif. All over America, there are overblown housing developments looking for buyers. This one was 5 times as big as what's shown here.

Treehouse in Washington

Photo by Peter Nelson
"This Washington state treehouse is called "Temple of the Blue Moon." It was built by author and treehouse enthusiast Peter Nelson. It is part of Treehouse Point, the Snoqualmie Valley retreat where Nelson and his wife, Judy, host private events and overnight guests. " -From the Denver Post

"Something draws us to nature, into the woods and up into the trees," says Peter Nelson, author of numerous books on the topic including "Treehouses of the World" (Abrams, $35). He is a partner in the Seattle construction company TreeHouse Workshop. "Since the days we were hunting and gathering, it's always been a natural response to retreat into the trees for protection," he says. "When you get right up against that bark, it's very comforting, rejuvenating, and you get a new perspective."