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Dog Dances at Family Jam/Swarm of Bees

I've been getting some great comments on the blog lately, some of which I'm putting out front, like this one.

"masterofhounds has left a new comment on your post 'Couple Seeking Bona Fide Inexpensive Eco-Opportunity in New England':

You guys should move to Northern California. New England has lost the Back to the Land flair it had in the 1970's-80's. Wild crafting with your dog, that screams Bay Area!

Full Bleed: New York City Skateboard Photography

Fabulous photo book of NYC skaters by Alex Corporan, Andre Razo, and Ivory Serra. This photo is a stunner. Credited as: Dan Pensyl. C Squat ramp, by Patrick O'Dell. 2002.
Double entendre of "Full Bleed," in case you don't know: in book layout, photos that run off all four sides of a page with no margin are referred to as "full bleed." Blood also being dues all skaters pay from time to time.

Us Water People

Got this comment (some times I like to bring them up center stage):
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post: Cold Mountain Pool on Hot Day:
Its a great image Lloyd and it looks like a beautiful spot.
It brings back memories for me of walking in Ireland with my cousin, on a quiet path high on a wooded hillside we found a stream and a deep pool among pine trees, being young and somewhat impulsive we threw ourselves in. Cold was an understatement! but it was great fun. Its one of those fond memories that has stuck with me over the years.
I hope the mountain spirits and the fresh energy there continues to treat you well.

I've always loved being in the water. Yesterday it was really hot and at day's end I -— heh-heh -- snuck into a tule-lined irrigation pond on a nearby ranch, slipped in through the tules, and swam in the cool water. Changed my metabolism, energy level, and attitude. Exquisite end to tough day.
Here's a family story that may explain some of this attitude: When we were kids, my family would go camping at a remote lake in the Sierras where my Dad and his trout-fishing buddies had built a cabin. We slept on a deck under the stars, took a boat across the lake to fill up a milk jug with cold spring water, picked gooseberries, saw bear tracks, and played in the lake. One day when I was 4, the story goes, I slipped off the dock and fell in the lake. My Dad was nearby and reached down and grabbed me by my overalls and pulled me up. I remember to this day looking around in wonder at the underwater world; I wasn't afraid. My Dad asked, "What were you thinking when you were under water." I said, " I was going to turn on my putt-putt (my word for outboard motor) and come up." This story got told many times over the years.

Old English Country Cottages

Below comment on my posting of last week revealed that the entire out-of-print book (a treasure) is available via Google. Here's one of the color paintings (not by Sydney Jones):

"depatty has left a new comment on your post Old English Country Cottage":

Just FYI. Old English Country Cottages is available from Google Books at http://is.gd/eLCqO for viewing and PDF download. Thanks for posting about it, it has some really nice illustrations!


Cold Mountain Pool on Hot Day

Walked a few miles on the mountain yesterday, the heat felt good, then immersed in magic pool. Did wai bow to canyon, then in all 4 directions, homage to mountain spirits.

Alone in the Wilderness/Building Log cabin

Jumping for Joy

"A short video that shows two young men with exceptional balance and leaping ability climbing buildings."

"Monday Monday, so good to me…"

"Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be…"
Well, sort of, although I'm still banged up (seeing orthopedic doc tomorrow, probably looking at a knee operation).
Title above inspired by seeing the Mommas and Poppas on a special Ed Sullivan retrospective last night. The Beatles, the Doors, Stones, Beach Boys, all these great acts in their infancy. Interestingly, the Beatles sounded rough doing "I Want To Hold Your Hand"; harmonies on their (later) recording of same song much better.
Photo: dinner last night. Bantam Auraucana rooster (offed last week) makes perfect meal for two, split, marinated, and barbecued. Roast potatoes, beets; steamed cauliflower all from garden. Louie's Zinfandel. Pretty local, huh?
This blog: I just realized that it's become a community of voices. I'm getting the greatest feedback. Kindred spirits. Jeez, what a lot of wonderful stuff is going on out there. Watch for postings on Sept. 2nd,3rd, and 4th, all from blog feedback.

Opaque Graffiti NorCal Beach

Old English Country Cottage

Sydney R. Jones was an English artist around the turn of the century who did exquisite drawings of English country life. Back in the 70s, I collected a number of books (via printed catalogs and mail order) with drawings and photos of English cottages. This drawing is from the book Old English Country Cottages, published in 1906. Note  the four beehives (skeps).