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Low-rent liveaboard life in high-rent San Francisco Bay

Fair Companies from Barcelona has a ton of great videos on tiny homes and other things.

"Fiver Brown is a musician and the kind of guy who has worked as a rodeo clown, a sushi photographer and a pirate, so he couldn’t really afford to buy a home in his current hometown of Sausalito with an average home price of 2.2 million dollars. So he bought a boat.
   Technically, he bought a floating home. It’s a former WWII lifeboat that had been converted into a small home and docked at one of the town’s historic houseboat communities.
   It’s only 13 feet by 37 feet (481 square feet), but the views are unbeatable. He watches stingrays and birds from the galley/kitchen and from his lofted bed he can peer down at his floating neighbors and the hills of Sausalito above.…"

How Occupy has shifted the national debate

Posted on Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow, Oct 28, 2011:
"Prior to Occupy Wall Street, the dominant narrative in US politics was about debt and deficit reduction, and the attendant austerity measures that entailed. A study of keywords from network newscasts shows that the national policy discussion has shifted in the wake of the Occupy demonstrations, with an increased emphasis on unemployment and fairness (this shift is also visible in print media).…"

Nikki on dumpster diving and tiny home living in Germany

There are 2 pages in our forthcoming book Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter on Nikki Stewart and her $1500 tiny home in Germany. I visited Nikki a few weeks ago when I was at the Frankfurt Book Fair. She lives, with husband and coming baby (February) in a wooded site adjacent to a large university in Mainz. She's got a website on "…caravan living, dumpster diving, scavenging, and living the free life…" at www.clickclackgorilla.com  

Elegant tiny prefab house in France

 Christine Durand is our chief correspondent in France.
Bonjour Lloyd!
The creativity of micro-architecture is always amazing. This elegant and movable cabin - named Zenzeyos (''be zen'') - can be put on blocks, on stilts (up to 15 meters high), or on floats. (It takes no) more than a half-day (to put it up).
Designer and builder : Jean-Jacques Lavoine (France)
-red cedar and stainless
-Weight 1650 kilograms
-Price : from 36 000 euros (50 000 dollars)
-Innovations :
•optimum ventilation and breathing walls (no condensation)
•self-rigid box (special system for the distribution of forces)
•eco-design with healthy materials and natural insulation (feathers)
•removable furniture
•wind or solar power.....

Regards and thanks for your blog !


5-cylinder 5-speed diesel Italian cargo van 4 sale in NY

26 Oct 2011
Lloyd -
The post today about the VW bus prompted me to send this link your way.
   Very cool Iveco (Italian commercial truck manufacturer) van on EBAY. 5 cyl diesel engine with 5 speed transmission. Would make for a nice camper conversion.
-- Phil
Phil Miano


Mike's tiny home in the snow

Oct 26, 2011
Hi Lloyd,
Saw the post with the tiny house in Illinois and was inspired to send  you a snow shot of my small home in North Carolina ( 350 sq. ft- 450 counting loft) .

Mike Moore (Michael J.- the micro car enthusiast).

Owner-built tiny home in Illinois

Another one from Kent Griswold's great tinyhouseblog:

"Like an Amish barn raising, Evan and Gabby’s tiny Tarleton house is going up piece by piece with the help of friends and family. The Illinois couple were inspired by the Tumbleweed houses and decided to downsize their already sustainable lifestyle even more. With no prior construction experience, they have been working on their tiny home for just over a year and plan to move in (along with their two cats) soon.…"

1978 VW van with Mercedes hubcaps

Nice rig. In the '60s I had a 1960 van set up like a camper. It had a 40 HP motor and I made one trip cross-country to NYC (in winter and to keep warm we draped sleeping bags over us), and also went into Puerto Vallarta before the bridge (had to drive through the river with a guide walking in front to indicate route). I also carried huge amounts of building materials on it for a house I built in Mill Valley, Calif., and for another house in Big Sur. 40 hp!

Reflecting lagoon

BC mountain bikers are animals!

This sent in by Joanne Laird. She and husband Andrew Dunkerton were in Builders of the Pacific Coast. This is an incredible film of their son Dylan and friends performing only-in-British-Columbia mountain bike maneuvers.

From the Inside Out Trailer from SecondBase Films on Vimeo.
To see it larger on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/30532901

The true cost of owning a home

This from Ryan Mitchell's The Tiny Life website: http://www.thetinylife.com/tag/home/
"I found this infographic on the true cost of owning a traditional home and thought I would share it with you.
Click image for larger version"

Solar shower last night at 2 AM

In the '90s, I bought a passive solar heater from Dan Conroy in Grass Valley, Calif. basically a big box, triangular in cross-section, with a water tank painted black and double-walled clear polycarbonate glazing. Couldn't be simpler. It's worked flawlessly for 15 years. Every shower I take, I get a hit of both wonder and joy. This warm, sometimes hot water heated by sunshine and not nonrenewable resources. Such a non-brainer.
It's been really warm last few days, like in the '80s. I woke up at 2 last night, went out into the still-warm night, and took an outdoor solar-heated-water shower. The stars were out. Boy!
Getting ready to fly to Hong Kong next week to oversee printing of Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter. We've upped the press run to 15,000 due to early reactions to the book. At the same time we'll be printing 3,000 copies of our mini(1-½" x 2¼") tiny homes book. Is it cute! You can actually see what's going on on the pages at that scale.

Jimmy Reed 's Ain't that lovin' ya baby just came on, SO the real stuff…

The reincarnation of Steve Jobs

Copyright  http://www.mattbors.com/ Dist. by Universal Press
Discovered by Rick Gordon

Sandpiper II, Eco-Cottage manufactured home

Eco-cottages are small manufactured homes from Nationwide Homes. Sent us by John Grissim, author of The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes:: http://grissimguides.com/

Modernistic tiny house (a la Dwell mag)

"…a 220 sq. ft. tiny home that is 'total livability designed for mass production.' It is small and deluxe, with "top of the line appliances, a gourmet kitchen, a full projection screen to watch your favourite movies, and an outdoor patio. This and more comes standard with the L41. 'Versatile and affordable compared to conventionally-sized houses, it was "conceived for a generation that understands small is beautiful, and that believes in the importance of the preservation of our precious resources.'"

300 sq. ft. rustic cabin, solar elec., close to ocean Washington $49,000

Just discovered this site that seems quite active, tiny homes for sale all over the country. It's fun looking through the listings, the same way I like to look at the rural land and homes for sale in The Mother Earth News classifieds. None of these seem cheap compared to build-it-yourself, but compared to a house with mortgage…

"Log cabin with a large living room, 2 bed rooms (or one bedroom upstairs and a study/office), extra loft for sleeping or storage, 2 covered porches (front and back and wrap around on the side) and even a small balcony and a car port!

1971 31' Airstream for sale in Virginia $4000

"1971 Airstream Sovereign 31′ International Land Yacht travel trailer, hard to find original condition, has twin beds and rear bathroom, lots of space. Has not been camped in in several years, so will need some TLC. I know there are a few plumbing leaks, and one of the windows is shattered. The shell itself does not leak.