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Mighty Fisherman: One Horseneck Clam

I went clamming a few days ago and after an hour of shoveling, returned home with one horseneck clam. (The limit is 10.) Anyway, it worked out pretty well. I've learned that if you put horsenecks in a bucket of fresh water, they die right away, and within a few hours you can just peel the skin off the neck, leaving you with a nice piece of white meat similar to calamari. I chopped this up finely with a knife and added cocktail sauce, lime, worcestershire sauce, it was really good, like a shrimp cocktail. Then I cleaned out the body of the clam, and steamed it in a little water, parsley and garlic, and that was good too. The soft parts of the clam tasted like oysters.

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"To build a relaxing little nook into one of the crannies of your home, try a using a daybed (or twin bed, for that matter) that gives the illusion of a built-in window seat. Add an interesting rug, cocktail table and pillows and you’ve got the makings of an additional bedroom—or in this case, a sunroom, perfect for cozying up with a book or stealing an afternoon snooze."

Good Book on Barns

I discovered this book at Builders' Booksource in Berkeley last week. What's unique is that there are scaled drawings with each barn shown, so you can tell just how each one was built.

If you haven't discovered it, Builders Booksource is the best bookstore anywhere for books on, well, building. They're on 4th Street in Berkeley.

Choosing freedom of tiny home-boat over Hollywood life

"Heather Wilcoxon grew up visiting the Hollywood sets of her actor parents (her father played Marc Antony opposite Claudette Clobert in Cecil B. DeMille's Cleopatra and her mother played Brenda Starr in the original tv series), but at age 20 she left all that behind to move aboard a boat and for the past 4 decades has made her home on the San Francisco Bay.
   Wilcoxon bought her current home, a turn-of-the-century vessel in 1986 and she's been remodeling it ever since. The Delta Queen was once a cook house barge in the Sacramento River Delta, but in the seventies it earned a permanent berth at the Galilee Harbor in Sausalito, California where a collection of artists and boatworkers built a floating village.
   Wilcoxon lives on about $12,000 a year, paying a small monthly fee to the cooperative for berth rights (which includes sewage and laundry). Her electric bills are only about $12 in the summer and $60 during the frosty winter months.…"
One of many great videos at:
From Lew Lewandowski

Etta James. Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, BB King -- Ooo-wee!

Family of 3 in Round Fishing Boat

There's something so perfect about this photo.

The Guardian, Wednesday 5 January 2011
"A fisherman arranges a fishing net as his wife paddles their boat in the waters of the Periyar river on the outskirts of the southern Indian city of Kochi."
Sivaram V/Reuters
From Godfrey Stephens

Spooky 25 On Road Tonight

Video of Lloyd by Hold Fast Video

A few months ago I got an email from a producer working on a series of short videos on "authenticity," wanting to come and shoot some video here. It was for Sailor Jerry Rum. Hmmmm. OK, can I get a bottle of the rum? Well yes, and it arrived a week later. It was a spiced rum -oh oh - but I was surprised that it was pretty good. Reasonably priced and I made a great version of rum and coke, with the rum, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice. OK, I said, and 4 v. cool guys from Hold Fast Video (SoCal) showed up and we had a great 2-3 hours. Fun. Here's the result; I like the snappy editing:

Man Swaps Houston Apartment For Tiny Home

Hey city folks -- check out Rick Russell's new living quarters. He moved from a downtown Houston apartment into a 540-square-foot cabin near Garden Oaks, Texas, and seems happy as a clam. Nice looking Airstream (I believe) makes this an efficient, practical, metal-clad little compound.
Designed by architect Donna Kacmar.
Article by Molly Glenzer; Photo: Brett Coomer / © 2011 Houston Chronicle

Log Cabin With Sod Roof in Yukon

Kent Griswold's tinyhouseblog is the best thing out there on the subject. He puts up a post each day. This one from December 17th, 2011:
"This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was taken by Emily, a geology student from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The picture was taken somewhere in the Yukon and I discovered her blog by accident looking for tiny cabins in the mountains. It is a random photo of a log cabin she took on one of her explorations of the area and I just think it is so cool and fits right in with this feature.…"

Treehouse in New Zealand With Remote-Controlled Drawbridge

"We've seen a lot of sweet treehouses in our day, but never one with a remote-controlled drawbridge! Jono Williams got together with a group of friends to build this high tech "Best Hut" treehouse in New Zealand, but this isn't the first time the 24 year old engineer/graphic designer has relived his childhood with such a fun project. In fact, this is his 10th treehouse and counting, and it's one of the most sophisticated. Built almost completely out of recycled materials, the 12 meter square hut has a rainwater harvesting system, a hot water heater, a gas-heated bath, LED lighting, and - did we mention this already? - a radio-controlled drawbridge. Plus it only cost $1,500 to build."

Small -- Not Tiny -- House by Pepe Alvarez

This is just a perfect little house, situated on a NorCal hillside, with a balcony facing south, looking down on a grassy downslope meadow, and out further to the blue Pacific. Pepe and his wife Pam live here. I love the dormers. They make an upper story way more livable.

This is about the last of my photos from last week's trip.

Big Surf Sonoma County, Big Crabs Marin County

 Last night I traded a building book to fisherman Todd  for these 2 beauties. How about that Pacific Ocean?

Pond Hockey in Yukon

Thanks to Tim Fordyce

Old School Bus Turned Into A Tiny House

"I was recently sent these photos of an old school bus turned in a tiny house on wheels. The bus was completely remodeled and lined with a beautiful wood interior.
   It was recently sold to a young couple that has made it their home in the North Cascades.
   While it’s doubtful this bus is good on gas, having the ability to move your home where you’d like and travel with it is very appealing.
   This little home looks so inviting that I could imagine them living in this converted bus long-term.
-Steven in NorthCarolina at: http://tinyhouselistings.com/old-school-bus-turned-into-a-tiny-house/

Documentary about a barbershop and bluegrass

To conclude this good Sunday's morning, from David Pescovitz on Boing Boing:

Killer Boat

This belongs to UC Davis. According to a fisherman we talked to, it's an enormously expensive boat.

Double-Ended Monterey in Bodega Bay

Wednesday morning, these are beautiful little boats. I'm not sure if it's called a schooner, but it's a classic fishing boat for this part of the Pacific Coast.

(My friend Godfrey gives me shit if I don't get all of the mast(s) in any boat pic.)

Here's a great State of California report on Fisheries dated 1954, with vintage pics: http://is.gd/calfish

And you water people, here's a fascinating photo-essay of a tanker getting bashed by a horrendous hurricane in the North Pacific in 1977, but staying afloat: http://is.gd/stoltsurf

Ocean People

I was born in San Francisco. One day after a high school swim meet at Fleishacker Pool (out at Ocean Beach)  a guy named Jim Fisher* got me to swim out into the surf with him. I was stunned. The blue (cold) water, the waves, it was sunny afternoon, it was paradise. That clinched my attachment to this powerful body of water. I'm so in love with the Pacific Ocean.

I've travelled the coast from Vancouver Island down to the tip of Baja California, and found a similar spirit, brothers and sisters of the beach (you know who you are) everywhere along this coastal waterway. We share a lot. There's a theory that the coast was settled by Indians in canoes. Could be. After all, the First Nations people speared whales from canoes made out of hollowed-out cedar trees.

*A powerful swimmer, Jim went to Hawaii in the '50s and rode some of the biggest waves ever at Makaha.

My Little hand-Pump Espresso Machine

I bought this little Olympus Cremina machine many years ago for $250 used. It quit working and I bought a used Rancilio Silvia. A while ago I took the Olympus in and got it fixed. I've switched to using it now. I like the industrial look. I'm working on my crema. I've looked for them online today and the only one for sale (new) was $3850!

On Sirius "'50s on 5" radio now:

…I'm like a one-eyed cat
Sleepin' in a seafood store…
   -Shake, Rattle and Roll, Big Joe Turner

Louie's House With Redwood

You get to this place on a 500-foot cable over a river (in winter when river is high). It was Thursday night and Louie was cooking a wild duck dinner for 4 of us. When I approached the house, it was lookin good. Louie insisted I get a photo with the big redwood tree and I got him to stand on the deck.

Louie's House on Cold Winter Day


Louie's House Based on Sketch in Shelter

Louie built his house based on the sketch at bottom right of page 20 of Shelter, titled "Lashed-frame house in southern Japan," shown at left.

Can We Talk?

It's a drippy grey Sunday morning and I'm looking over my photos, I love doing this -- it's like hunting, but with cameras not guns. So goldarned much going on everywhere I go in the world. It's just a matter of seeing it.

When I first took acid (1964), I could see flowers breathing; it wasn't an hallucination. Flowers do breathe, we just usually don't see it. So I'm looking around in this absolutely interesting inspiring fascinating world. (You'll have to pardon me if I'm not incapacitated by all the evil, greed, and shitty politics afoot.)

I wish I could do a decent layout of my trips upon return. My HTML skills are not up to doing it right now, so will just keep throwing photos out in this limited format. "I'm Jimmy Reed" playing now. You Got me Dizzy. Cup of espresso sweetened with agave nectar, whole wheat toast with marmalade, vapor by Volcano, stylin'…

I'm going to throw a bunch of photos out from the last 3 days, not necessarily in order:

Rivers in NorCal low right now. Gimme some rain!

Back Home

Just unloaded photos from 3 days on the road. 
Elephant Mountain Wednesday morning: