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22-yr-old French Student's $650 Art Studio

Hi Lloyd!
My name is Richard, 22 years old; I’m a student in arts & crafts in France and a great fan of your work. In fact I think I owe you so much that I could never thank you enough for publishing Shelter, Homework, The Barefoot Architect, Tiny Homes… and so many great books.
   Then I allow myself to introduce you an artwork-workshop-cabin I’ve been building during that year with 500€ (around $650 I guess. It’s a project named “Le Château Suisse” (“The Swiss Castle” – an obviously ironic name), a utopian workshop I made in order to draw my comic books and do some woodworking inside. I built (and I’m still building) this in the yard of my school, as a sculptural project – in fact a living experiment and an exercise on carpentry. The main purpose, still, was to be inside and outside my school at the same time, and to re-invent the art school workshop with rules of my own.

I built the skeleton with 50% used wood and 50% new pinewood beams (which are regrettably really expensive in France). Then I placed some laminate wood made for covering interior grounds on it (the cheapest material I could find – in France again). And then I stuck a blue polyethylene cover on it as a last covering. I couldn’t manage to find any other material to make a tougher covering but I’m thinking of placing wood shingles on it. But for the moment I am focusing on the internal arrangements to make a real good and functional workshop inside of this little blue shell. To be continued!
   Here’s a link to my blog (in french, sadly) and to my flickr page so that you can see it.
   Hope you’ll like it! Keep on doing things as well as you do!
   Best regards,
   Richard (Beaumois)


Richard B. said...

Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Really Nice Project, I can not wait to see it when the interior is finished! Keep up the good work.


Richard B. said...

Thank you Gill! You can now see some new pictures of the interior on the blog (http://lechateausuisse.blogspot.fr/). It's finished! Well, is it? I don't know.


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