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71 year Old Skateboarder/Tightrope Walker/Kayaker/Juggler/Potter/Inventor

*As we age, many of us have a fatal flaw that can lead to a fatal fall -- we lose our balance, stability and coordination.
Stephen Jepson says he can change that for everyone. And as a bonus, he believes it can help you build brain cells, develop neural pathways and prevent or delay Alzheimer's and dementia.
What is his prescription? Play!
Stephen believes the key to never losing your balance -- or your mind -- is in the games and activities of our youth.…"
Sent me by my brother Bob a few moments ago


mark e said...


That was inspiring.

Brook said...

This website is a fountain.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring yes!

I'm 47 and not giving up either - check out my little video "skating with my dog". Cheers from Finland!

Carry said...

Hey, I know the board you mean, it's amazing! Good luck finding it though (as you already know) it's a tough series to find. You may already know about these sites but just incase, try out from own.

Longboardsale said...

Its very good to see that old age people is also using longboards.How they can do it in old age? Its surprising me but it is wonderful.Keep it up.Thanks for sharing this .

Lewis said...

Love Story. Thank for sharing.

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