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A lilliputian approach to living

Published on Fri, May 25, 2012, in All Point Bulletin, by Margot Griffiths
"…Out in the garden I can see just how productive one eighth of an acre can be. A small greenhouse is filled with tomato starts, and around it are berry, melon and veggie plants. A cloud of real lavender covers the septic system. A beehive sits off to the side and most exciting to Jamie is the distinctive sound of the queen bee as she is preparing for her maiden flight, “her honeymoon,” Shawn says. Few would recognize it, but it sounds like “meep, meeeep.” “It’s called piping,” Jamie explains. “The first time I heard it was like a quadruple shot of espresso!”

Into this idyllic setting, Whatcom County interjects a law that you can only live four months a year in an RV, which technically describes the Dehner’s home, so this summer they’ll start building their new house. It’ll be a “big little home” at 680 square feet. They both love to cook, so more kitchen space will be welcome. Jamie, an accomplished writer and a member of a local book group, will see their books out of storage. Shawn’s looking forward to getting up in the morning and actually being able to stand up. And the little orange house will remain as office space for their growing internet business.…"

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could make 3 tiny homes (RV class) and just live 4 months in each, rotating?

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