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River House, Serbia

House in the middle of the Drina River near the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia
Photograph by Irene Becker
Sent in by Lew lewandowski

On the Coastal Road Day One (Cont.)

A deer leapt across the road and when she went into the brush, she seemed to float, as if time was frozen for a moment (brings to mind Baryshnikov). When I climbed up out of Jenner, to the winding road that's maybe 500' above the ocean, the fog was just at the edge of the road and cliff; it was like skimming the edge of a cloud. You could hear, but not see, the ocean below. A little while later I saw this turkey buzzard and he let me get pretty close. I'd hoped he'd spread his wings, as these birds do, looking somehow medieval, but he didn't.

On the Coastal Road Day One

Hand-built Earthen House in Washington Woods

"…free-form, hand-built earthen home in western Washington's Independence Valley is featured on a recent episode of Peak Moment TV. Host Janaia Donaldson calls it 'a magical dwelling inside the woods.'
   The funky, individualistic two-story home was built by Gregory Crawford, who works at nearby Rising River Farm -- and travels during the farm's off season (having no mortgage helps, no doubt). He gained permission to build there by asking the landowner.…" http://shltr.net/gregscob

Tiny Homes eBook # 48 on Apple iBooks Chart

Our Tiny Homes eBook was #48 in Apple's iTunes "Top Paid Books" category last week. Click here to check it out and get a free sample. Or, media people can contact us (ebooks@shelterpub.com) for a free review copy; we'll give you the link to download.

Hermits of the Third Millennium

"Five years of photographing individuals who live in self-imposed isolation from society did not make Carlo Bevilacqua want to become a hermit himself. But it did make him more conscious of the choices he makes, and more aware of his real material needs.
   “You don’t need so much to live,” Mr. Bevilacqua said. “Our life is not our stuff.”
   Mr. Bevilacqua’s subjects live by themselves, separate from others, by choice. Some have had religious visions and pursue study or prayer. Others are spiritually inclined, but not religious in the classical sense. Then, there are those who just don’t like being among other people in modern society. But all live a life of intentional simplicity and isolation."
From Ed Forgotson
Note: See comment by rj for more info on this place.

Christopher & Merete's Truly Tiny Kitchen on the Colorado Range

"Christopher and Merete live in a tiny 127-square-foot house on a big stretch of land one hundred miles southwest of Denver. Inspired by the Tiny House movement, they built the home themselves on a very small budget, sourcing materials from local salvage yards, thrift stores, hardware stores and IKEA. It's super cozy - particularly the kitchen!…" http://shltr.net/tinykitch

Heirloom (Real) Tomatoes

"An heirloom tomato…is an open-pollinated (non-hybrid) heirloom cultivar of tomato. Heirloom tomatoes have become increasingly popular and more readily available in recent years. They are grown for historical interest, access to wider varieties, and by people who wish to save seeds from year to year, as well as for their taste, which is widely perceived to be better than modern tomatoes. They do however have a shorter shelf life and less disease resistance than most commercial tomatoes…
   Heirloom tomatoes lack a genetic mutation that gives tomatoes an appealing uniform red color while sacrificing the fruit's sweet taste. Varieties bearing this mutation, which have been favored by industry since the 1940's, feature fruits with lower levels of carotenoids and a decreased ability to make sugar within the fruit.…" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heirloom_tomato
"…Only two things that money can’t buy
      That’s true love & homegrown tomatoes…"
             -Guy Clark
Note, the knife shown is my favorite vegetable chopper. It holds an edge forever, and is cheap (under $10!). Made in Thailand and reviewed here on CoolTools.

Lloyd in Japanese Magazines

I've had interviews and photos appear in several Japanese magazines lately, all on the subject of our building books and in-middle-of-garden production studio. Wish I could read what they're saying about us.

Greenery Makes Tiny Wisconsin House Seem Larger

"…Jill decided to check out a little two-bedroom 1950s home in West Allis that she'd heard about from their real estate agent. She went online and found a street view of the home.
   What she saw intrigued her.
   'You couldn't see the house,' she said. 'I looked at the whole street, and nothing else looked like that. And I thought, now I have to see the house. '"
   What they saw when they visited was a lush garden anchored by a serviceberry and crabapple trees in the front yard. Native plants included towering cup plant, black-eyed Susan and New England asters.
   'It was just like heaven for me,' said Jill.…"
Photo by Angela Peterson

Small Cabin Plans Online

This company offers 50 small cabin plans, available on a CD. I have no idea what the plans are like, but I like the rendering here, allowing a novice builder to visualize the construction. (This is what we did with 5 tiny home plans in Shelter in 1973.)
   This website is loaded, and the CD sounds like a pretty good deal, but I haven't seen it. I ordered the free download of a sample and if it's any good, we'll add these guys to our Tiny Homes List of links on our website.

Outerlands - Great SF Restaurant With Daily Homebaked Bread

 "…a gathering place for sea goers who seek warmth, shelter, food, and fellowship…" http://www.outerlandssf.com/
Every morning surfer Dave bakes 60 loaves of bread (some of which goes to Trouble Coffee, next door, where they make thickly sliced cinnamon toast). This is a totally great restaurant.

Check out their Kickstarter project of building a parklet out front with salvaged lumber and native plants: http://shltr.net/outerkick

Tiny Florida Restaurant in 80 Year Old Home

"Chrissy Benoit...moved south to open the Little House in Boynton Beach.…the renovation of its historic 1930s Ruth James Cottage, restoring 800 square feet of Dade County pine from floor to ceiling, then moving the whole darned house a few miles away….When she heard news that the house was being given away to whoever pitched the best business concept, it was a project she couldn't refuse. She won the contest, and a year later the final product is a tiny home transformed into a bright, cozy eatery with an approachable menu meant to celebrate Old South Florida." http://shltr.net/tinyrest