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Gimme Gimme Gimme the Honky Tonk Blues…

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Música de Semana":
Salut Lloyd,
Last thursday in Paris, the Stones played a secret show at La Trabendo club - it was a short warm-up before their anniversary concert in London. Only 700 tickets were put on sale, price: 15 euros (19 dollars US). Some views here.
   French magazine ''Les Inrocks'' puts on-line 10 ''chansons oubliées'' (forgotten songs): here. Great versions of Country Honk and High Heel Sneakers…

I guess we should be glad they're still alive, but Mick sure looks weird in the cut from Paris. On the other hand, some absolute gems courtesy of "Les Inrocks." Jeez, they hold up well.
Early version of Sneakers that I'd nver heard. Crude and perfect.

Art Studio in Scottish Highlands

Hello there, greetings from the Highlands of Scotland - I have been meaning to write for the longest time - As an owner of a W.Cooper iron building and an original battered copy of An Illustrated Catalogue Of Goods Manufactured And Supplied By W.Cooper I was deelighted to find a 'kindred spirit' who appreciates these simple, beautiful, functional structures. (AND the amazing printed catalogues....) We also once built and lived in a turf roofed dome, and spent 18 months living in a yurt...but that is another story! We now live in an old croft house (much more practical...) in the far north of Scotland (Nedd--yes Nedd!)) in Assynt) and run an open art studio from a gypsy caravan. There are some interesting buildings in the Highlands....Many thanks for your books, your inspiration, and for being a totaly decent bloke! kindest reagards, Sara Garnett. www.albaartstudio.wordpress.com.

A Simple Fix for Farming

"IT’S becoming clear that we can grow all the food we need, and profitably, with far fewer chemicals. And I’m not talking about imposing some utopian vision of small organic farms on the world. Conventional agriculture can shed much of its chemical use — if it wants to.
   This was hammered home once again in what may be the most important agricultural study this year, although it has been largely ignored by the media, two of the leading science journals and even one of the study’s sponsors, the often hapless Department of Agriculture.…" Article by Mark Bittman, New York Times, Oct. 21, 2012

Small Cob House in Northern Spain

Hi there, I have seen your book on small houses and thought it was extremely nice... In case you're planning a follow up, here's a link to the website for our building project here in northern Spain: www.abrazohouse.org We started off with a genuinely small cob house, Snail Cabin, 15 round metres (later expanded to about 45) - 4 of us were living there for about 3 years. Now we've moved into a bigger house, but the small one is still there as a guest house.
All the best,

Bob Marley Appears on NorCal Beach

Gentleman who'd been drinking was sitting nearby, said, "Thas Obama with dreads."

Adventures in Working With Wood

"I've followed your stream of fantastic information…for quite a few years, monthly I seem to find something that really speaks to me on those pages.  I own most of your books from Shelter Publications and am particularly inspired by "Builders of the Pacific Coast."I believe a sequel to that book, if time and material permits, would be well received. I wanted to email you to say thanks and share some of the projects I've been involved with in the last few years here, at the website here. Much of my work from the last few years is in the portfolio section. I think you may enjoy, "Working with a Master," "Extended Point," and "Stevens Point IFTB,"  Thanks for your enthusiasm in the field of handmade construction and keep up the fine work. -Adam Valesano"

64-year-old Skateboarder

October 19, 2012
Lloyd, I took up longboarding about three months ago at the age of 63 (I'm 64 now). Thanks for the inspiration, since you're even older than me! And still longboarding. I too use a Big Stick. And also have taken some falls, but not since I went Big Stick. Here in Oregon we've got acorns and other woody stuff that falls on trails. I just got a 60" bamboo Norgeboard that seems more steady over such obstacles. I also blog about my adventures in longbording. See my "skateboarding" category: http://hinessight.blogs.com/hinessight/skateboarding/

Great Site For Off-road Rigs

From Mike W.:
"…go over to the Expedition Portal site…they have a forum dedicated just to Mitsu trucks…also a for sale section for all expo vehicles…great build threads throughout on many different rigs…"

Deek Tours Tiny Seattle Shipping Container House

Details: http://blog.makezine.com/2012/10/18/tiny-yellow-house-tours-the-surf-shack-container-house-plus-a-giveaway/

4-foot-wide 3-story House in Warsaw

Narrow house opening as art work in Warsaw/MONIKA SCISLOWSKA, Associated Press/October 19, 2012.
"Workers adjust a gate in front of one of the world’s narrowest houses, in Warsaw, Poland, Friday, Oct. 19, 2012. The two-level “Keret’s House” is no wider than 122 centimeters (48.03 inches) and was fitted into tiny space puzzlingly left between a pre-war house and a modern apartment block of the 1960s in downtown Warsaw. It is named after Etgar Keret, an Israeli writer of Polish roots who will be the first inhabitant of this artistic project of aluminum and polycarbonate. Photo: Alik Keplicz / AP"
NY Times article here.

Spotted Tussock Moth Caterpillar

This guy was ambling across the bricks yesterday. It turns into a very plain moth, with subtle colors. None of this pizzazz in the flying version.

From Large Condo to Small Home

This is really a nice home and story, of Melissa moving out of a large condo into a 500 sq.ft. home that had belonged to her grandparents.

Melissa’s Small House by Kent Griswold on October 19th, 2012, on Tiny House Blog

Andre Muniz Gonzaga’s Unusual Painted Rocks


Blues, Nomadics, TV, Politics, Reggae on A Sunday Afternoon

Boy have I been in a funk. Partly due to a banged-up shoulder, partly the hot dry weird windy weather, partly lack of exercise, partly too much time on road. Takes me days to catch up upon return. I'm stayin  home a whiles.
  Weather shifted dramatically this morning. Way cooler, clouds in sky, feeling of vibrancy about. Along with 2 tiny cups of crema Malabar Gold monsoon espresso, and a great blues selection by Bill Wax on Sirius radio's blues station, things are lookin up. For ex., "Ax Sweet Mama," by James Luther Dickinson.
Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels & Water is rolling (and floating), about 40 pages laid out. Each book we do is like setting sail for an unknown destination. Here we're out in the ocean, wind in sails, charting course as we go. Exciting!
Google Do I love it! I can find just about anything. For example, at times I'll get a Goole Alert to an article I'm interested in; if the link doesn't go anywhere, I can type in a sentence quoted in the article, and bingo!
TV of Late
Treme Great episode last week, lots of good music (by previously obscure authentic New Orleans musicians), wonderful scene between La Donna and the Chief (who was Lester in The Wire), exquisite acting (and communication and humor) between two powerful people.
Boardwalk Empire I'm back into it. Gave up on it last season, but it's now in a really good mode. Nucky more human; costumes, era (prohibition—1920s-30s) impeccably portrayed.
Bill Maher The closer the election gets, the more relevant Bill is. Last night the most contentious panel ever, but with great appearances by Gary Hirshberg of Storyfield Farm with totally convincing reasons to vote yes on requiring GMO labeling, and Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone telling politics like it is.

The Romney/Ryan Tax Plan


City Lights Podcast of Lloyd's Tiny Homes Talk

Dear Friends,
Greetings from City Lights! We wanted to let you know that a recording of Lloyd Kahn's event at City Lights Bookstore on March 28th is up at http://www.citylightspodcast.com/tiny-homes-simple-shelter-by-lloyd-kahn/ as part of our Live! From City Lights podcast series. A podcast of readings and archives from City Lights Books & Publishers, Live! From City Lights gets shared across our social networks, to our 22,200+ @CityLightsBooks followers on Twitter, and 14,800+ fans on Facebook.…
Tiffany Jimenez
City Lights Publishers
San Francisco, CA 94133