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Tiny rEvolution Website

Deek Diedrickson of http://relaxshacks.blogspot.com pointed out this excellent website, http://tinyrevolution.us/, billed as "… an Internet home for people interested in simple, minimalist living, and less square feet than most master bedrooms." For example, here's an interesting post titled "How to stock a minimalist kitchen": here. Scroll down to the long comment by Susyn153 about paring down your belongings for living on a sailboat.

Small Cabin Gear

List of gear (stoves, pumps, solar heating, etc.) for tiny homes and camping

"Great Propane heater for inside small to medium cabins up to 400 square feet. Safe to leave on all night, 3 heat levels for comfort. Automatic low oxygen shutoff system Accidental tip-over safety shutoff Heats up to 400 square feet Battery or A/C powered blower fan for versatility Built-in Piezo starter for easy starts"


Incredible Jumping of All Sorts

Dear Lloyd, Probably you will enjoy this video.... Wish you all the very best, keep going sending us very great stuff. Best regards from snowy Warszaw. Julien Croisier


Brad Pitt Houses in New Orleans' 9th Ward

"…In New Orleans they are known as "Brad Pitt Houses," because they are the brainchild of the actor. Pitt formed the Make it Right Foundation, and recruited top architects to design modern but hurricane-proof replacement housing. He raised $30 million for the project, and the houses, some with flamboyant touches like sweeping metal grillwork that extends from the front roof to the backyard, dot the neighborhood. In fact, there are now enough of them that tourist bus companies, spotting an opportunity, have begun to offer Brad Pitt Houses tours. In fact, they've become so popular that signs are up requesting that visitors not bother the occupants.…"
Article in San Francisco Chronicle by C.W. Nevius. Photo: Rod Lamkey Jr, AFP/Getty Images

Bobcat Hunting Gophers

Dear Lloyd,
Your blog is one of my very favorites, inspirational and informational. I won't even go into the fact that I still have my original copy of SHELTER, purchased in 1975 at a bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio.
   I thought you might enjoy these photos of a bobcat I surprised on an early morning hike at Sonoma Mountain outside Petaluma. He/She was hunting gophers when I came along (luckily with a telephoto lens!). I went to post these on Instagram and was dismayed to find that the bobcat hashtag was overrun with photos of hunters proudly holding up their beautiful dead bobcats (one hunter even referred to his kill as "nigga"). Sad, to me, anyway.
   So, please enjoy!
   Sincerely, Stefan (Gutermuth)

Vintage Rube Goldberg Auto Creations

From David Pescovitz on Boing Boing today.

More car photos:

Editor Losing It

So much material has been coming in to us lately that I've lost track of the origins of these 3 photos. Anyone out there send any one of these to us?

Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Air Travel

Article in NYTimes January 26, 2013 by Elizabeth Rosenthal
"…For many people reading this, air travel is their most serious environmental sin. One round-trip flight from New York to Europe or to San Francisco creates a warming effect equivalent to 2 or 3 tons of carbon dioxide per person. The average American generates about 19 tons of carbon dioxide a year; the average European, 10. So if you take five long flights a year, they may well account for three-quarters of the emissions you create. “For many people in New York City, who don’t drive much and live in apartments, this is probably going to be by far the largest part of their carbon footprint,” says Anja Kollmuss, a Zurich-based environmental consultant.…"

Seeking Tiny House Builder in Berkshires

Lloyd, Thanks so much for your stunning support for small abodes. I'm looking for an instructor to teach a hands-on workshop intensive on how to build a tiny timber-framed house on a trailer. Location: my organic farm in the Berkshires Timeframe: Summer, 2013 Any suggestions? Cheers! Eli Rogosa Mystic Sheaf Bakery Colrain, Massachusetts (near Shelburne Falls) growseed.org 413 624 0214

Tiny Apartment in Soho/Insanely Well Designed

From Mike W

Jay Nelson's Latest Creations

Hey lloyd,
This is jay nelson, you featured some of my work in your tiny homes book.… I just want to give you an update of what I'm working on. A new camper work truck and a hanging sphere treehouse . Also a treehouse in mill valley.
   Hope you are well.
   The tiny homes book looks incredible (if I never told you)!
Best, jay nelson

Tennessee Tiny Homes

"Joe Everson builds portable tiny houses made to be taken with someone, wherever they may wander. The 100 to 120 square foot houses are built on trailers and are being used all over the country for people who want a minimalist and mobil lifestyle. The company is named Tennessee Tiny Homes."

Boat Roofed Shed in Wales

"The shed roof is made from a clinker built boat that is 14ft long and 7ft wide at its widest point. The boat is an inshore fishing boat made between 1900 – 1910. It was placed on a frame of 4 telegraph poles with cross beams. Once in place the walls were filled in using aluminium windows from a 1940′s caravan and single glazed windows from our 400 year old farm house.…"
From Tiny House Blog -- great story and pics
Sent in by Mike W

Rufous-sided Towhee Outside Kitchen Window

Good morning, sunshine!

Monday Wrapup

I'm two weeks past my shoulder operation, and practically stylin. A little better every day. I don't get to start therapy for another 3 weeks. Right arm better but still weak. Walked 5 miles yesterday, along beach with mixmaster ocean, water tussled and murky, 20+mph cold winds from north. Walking along thinking how gnarly it was, then realized how great it was to be moving. Every single time in my life I've forced myself to get out there and move (run, walk, bike, paddle, skate) I've felt immeasurably better. Get out there, stupid!
Around the homestead:
-Olives I've had about 15 gallons of small green olives in water, salt and vinegar for about 3 months, and they're practically ready. Still a hint of bitterness, but plump and flavorful.
 -Sauerkraut Another thing you just set up and nature's microorganisms do it all. You only add salt to shredded cabbage, maybe a little water. Used our own cabbage, and it's fermenting away in the 2-gallon Polish crock in the pantry.
 -Chickens W're getting 12-14 eggs a day from our little beauties. I favor the Golden Seabright eggs because the birds are so beautiful; maybe the beauty may come through a bit in the eggs, who knows?
 -Green smoothies I use the Blendtec blender a lot, make a green smoothie for lunch when I'm busy. Fresh greens from garden, fruit, protein powder…
 -Nightly vegetables Lesley has provided our vegetables from her garden practically every night for months. Broccoli cooked within minutes of picking is so different -- sweet.
 -Crabs It's a lousy crab season. However, son Evan has been catching them with one of those little snare traps off a fishing rod from shore.

Really Nice Tiny Home by Jade Craftsman Builders

"The Tiny House's overall size is 8' x 18' and it is built on a standard trailer. We can custom design and build to your specifications. The Tiny House is ideal for: ultra-efficient green home / guest house /  teenager's room /  vacation cabin / rental apartment / retreat center housing / home office/ personal studio."
Click here.

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Washington, D.C., 1924. 'Washington Hunt motor car. The building is the Joaquin Miller cabin at Rock Creek Park.' National Photo Co."


"Volusia County, Florida, circa 1903. 'Sailing bicycles on the beach at Ormond.' 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company."
From Godfrey Stephens