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Dry Stone, Tile Roofed Building in Ontario Built By Students

"The finished roof of the dry stone building in Holstein Ontario, Canada. It was student built with all the wood coming from the local area. Just waiting on the door now!"
-Dean McClellan

Tiny Home On Wheels in Arizona

Carrie and Shane Caverly's tiny home on wheels near Prescott, Arizona. Check out the nice interior photos as well:

NorCal Beach Graffiti Early February 2013

Jess Kornbluth's Idea for Revitalizing Barnes & Noble Bookstores

From Publishers Weekly, Feb 1, 2013
"An idea for reinventing the country’s largest bricks-and-mortar bookseller…
…B&N’s troubles predate Amazon. They start with its decision to open superstores in a culture that sees the average American adult read a book a year. And its long history of unforced errors continues with its decision to close many of those stores instead of creating more inviting locations. What B&N should do is what bureaucracies and battleships generally can’t: make a 90-degree turn at full speed.

B&N’s best hope for survival is to get halfway out of the book business—it should abandon its legacy identity, reconfigure its mission and merchandise, and trumpet its rebirth. Start with its identity. B&N’s stores in shopping malls are huge. The animating idea: “We’ve got any book you could ever want.” That’s a flawed strategy. We can handle too much choice in the cereal aisle of the supermarket because the brands are evergreen and heavily advertised, but miles of aisles in a bookstore are a turnoff.…"

Anyone Want Mini Books to Give Out?

These mini books are 2" x 2-1/2", 32 pages from Tiny Homes. People are delighted by this little thing. Plus it's great advertising. Over 90% of the people I hand these out to laugh out loud. Not smile, but laugh. There have been a bunch of people who can read the text.

If you can give these to people (children love them), we'll send you a batch (say 10, 20, or 30). Send yr. address, # of mini books you want, to tinyhomes@shelterpub.com, and we'll send to you (USA only, shipping costs elsewhere are too high these days).
Hats off to Paramount Printing Co. in Hong Kong, for doing such a great job of printing these little things. Difficult task. The binding is actually sewn.

Fox and Weasel Skins

Skinning roadkill animals is such a win-winner. Rather than left to rot, the skins can be rendered like this. I skin the animal, tack it down (pushpins) while stretching it, fur side down, on piece of plywood. Then I cover it with salt so no skin is visible. In about a week I remove the salt, roll it up, and ship it to Bucks County Fur Products in Quakertown, PA. In about 6 weeks, UPS delivers a beautiful tanned skin. Ooops! Haven't I said all this before?
   Shown are 2 weasels, and a fox with a thick glossy coat; fur seems best in the cold season, when their coats are maxed out. I need another fox or two and then my friend Louie and I are going to make me a fur coat. Fur inside. Roadkill coat. I like that.

"Tennessee Tiny Homes constructs 100-square-foot homes

"Joe Everson thinks small. How small? Try a 100 square foot home, on wheels. His new firm offers -- for about $20,000 -- to build to order a tiny home (essentially, an RV) for people who don't need or want much space and value being mobile." Click here.

Stone Barn in France


Looking For A Place To Park Your Tiny Home in SE Portland?

"I have .23 acres in the SE neighborhood of Mt. Scott-Arleta and am looking to rent space to a tiny home dweller. It is a lovely slice of earth, quiet with beautiful trees, an adjacent chicken coop. Looking for down-home and stable people (1-2), who would enjoy collaborating in the garden and sharing outdoor space together. I have been in my home for 3 years this March, and enjoy quietude, nourishing my cherished friendships, cooking and gardening.
   I have included is a photo of a corner of the property on PAD’s Facebook page – assembling my raised beds last Spring. While this is not the space available, it is a view from the approximate spot a tiny home would sit. More photos available upon inquiry. Please include a bit of who you are, what your home requires regarding spatial dimensions, utility hook-ups, and when you hope to park if you are interested -- my email is: jgatti26@yahoo.com."

Jimmy Cliff, Guitar Center Sessions on Direct TV

This was a great show, on January 25th, 2013. I don't know if it can be tracked down somewhere. Jimmy looks really good (and he's 65!). This wasn't my favorite number. but it's the only one I could find from that session.

Music du Jour -- Hayes Carll & Cary Ann Hearst: Another Like You


Bodega Portable Buildings

This looks like a good outfit to me. Real carpenter at work, good designs. Bodega is in West Sonoma County, about 1-1/2 hours north of San Francisco.

"Everybody needs an extra room, be it for a studio, shop, extra bedroom, reading room, work out machines, or storage. Most counties allow for a storage building of 120 sq. ft. floor space without a permit. This is a handy place to begin. You can put a building on your property and use it to store your books and a comfortable chair, tools, or art supplies. We are building 120 sq. ft. buildings and adding window seats which do not count in the square footage. Window seats add a lot to a building. They make the interior more useable and spacious and they make the exterior more interesting. We are producing a 120 sq. ft. building with three window seats for around $10,000. This is possible because we have developed a building method using 1-1/8″ plywood for floors, walls and roof.…" http://www.bodegaportablebuildings.com/

Stretching eBook Gets Big Award!

This is a big deal -- what Rick (Gordon) has done here, that is. I've fended off doing various electronic versions of our powerhouse book Stretching (over 3-1/2 million sold) for over 10 years. We couldn't find anyone to do what we wanted to do here, so Rick, our production chief and tech genius, did it himself. It's just now out -- for iPad & iPhones (not for any Amazon tablets).

Publishing Innovation Awards; Winner, Enhanced eBook: Stretching:
"This longtime bestseller from Shelter Publications celebrates its 30th anniversary in print with this ebook edition that thoroughly realizes the platform's potential, proving that a simple concept can be the basis of a vastly improved product through careful, intelligent use of the technology. Stretching excellently performed its task -- going beyond the print edition to create an excellent ebook."
-Publishing Innovation Awards.

Here is the list of winners. Avalon Publisher Bill Newlin wrote us:
"A belated congratulations on this award!  It really is a big deal, particularly since the Enhanced Ebook category had the stiffest competition by far, including an entry from Workman and movie tie-ins from Disney and Harper Collins.  Truly a victory for integrity and craftsmanship, you should be very proud."

 Stretching eBook available here: http://shltr.net/stretching-ibooks. If you happen to purchase it and truly think it's wonderful, it'd be great if you posted a review in the iBookstore and on GoodReads http://www.goodreads.com.

Low Impact Woodland Home in UK

"After building and living in the hobbit house, we left it for the woodland workers passing through this beautiful place. In 2009 we finally bought our own place, a 7 acre piece of land as part of the Lammas eco village in West Wales. The opportunity to really be somewhere, to integrate our basic needs of shelter, energy, food and a livelihood now has a permanent place to take root and grow. Being creative with what is available; minimising energy and pollution; and careful observation is our basic approach. So far we have built a small house, the Undercroft; a workshop and barn. Tree planting, pond creation, vegetable beds, fruit, composting and animals are the beginning of a self reliant, resilient and biodiverse home.…"
Simon & Jasmine Dale (Their Hobbit House was in Tiny Homes.) http://beingsomewhere.net/

Everain's Planet of Hobgoblins, Tea, & Artichokes

Boy is this a great website! There must be 10,000 images. As soon as I get my laptop hooked into the house TV screen (soon), I'm gonna view these like a movie. Just ran across it while searching out a photographer. What a find!

"…welcome to my raggle-taggle blog of randomness, where you can rummage through a suitcase of "borrowed" miscellany. oh and also, i love umbrellas, argyle, & lightning bugs...sarcasm, bicycles, & coca-cola, zombies, & flying vw buses...paisley, dogs, & suspenders...art, film, anything vintage, & that which can be characterized as whimsical."

Cold, cold last night. Bright sunny day today (Sunday). Too bright. Rain came on like gangbusters in Dec., record low in Jan., and now we're about normal for year and no rain in sight. Sigh…

Bruce Bailey, wildman from the Lost Coast of BC, stopped by here Friday. Just appeared in motorcycle leathers on his 1968 Moto Guzzi outside the studio, on his way back home after a year of heavy duty travel down through Central and South America on the Guzzi. We downloaded 1200 of his photos. It's going to be a great story in Tiny Homes On The Move, which is becoming more robust by the day.

On Grooveshark right now, and then I'm off for a long beach walk: Mary had A Little Lamb, Stevie Ray Vaughn. A tisket  tasket…

Oh yeah, I'm reading a unique book: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Diaz. Reminds me a bit of when I started reading West With The Night by Beryl Markham years ago. She'd write a paragraph that would be so beautiful, I'd put the book down for a few seconds. This guy, Diaz, is hip, witty, and contemporary; sly creative phrasing. A unique voice. Just delightful writing.

"Knock knock." Who's there? "Snow."

Posted by Xeni Jardin on Boing Boing this morning.
"The deepest snow with the #blizzard of 2013 was 40" inches at Trumbull, CT! 7' foot drifts."

Village of Tiny Buildings

Village of tiny structures in South Carolina, all with red standing-seam metal roofs; quite a variety of designs.
From Tiny House Blog here.