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Beautiful New Book on Snakes

Wonderful photos of 96 snakes meticulously photographed against black backgrounds.
   We got it out of the library.

Tiny Home in Vancouver is Homeless

"Wanted: a home for a tiny house. The 144 square-foot house, built by students at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design as potential accommodation for a homeless person on Bowen Island, is itself homeless.
     Charles Dobson, an associate professor of design at the university who has a background in architecture, led a group of about eight industrial design students to create the house, complete with propane fireplace heater, single bed with storage underneath, laminate floors, shower, a small kitchen and composting toilet.
   The house was built, using a $10,000 grant from BC Housing, for the Bowen Community Housing Association, which had expressed interest in using the house as part of a pilot project to deal with the island’s homeless problem. But Dobson said the association has been unable to find a place to put the tiny house, and the municipality of Bowen Island says it needs more time to sort out zoning and liability issues. 'It’s a shame because I think they really trying hard to make this work, but all these rules are getting in the way,' said Dobson. “So we are trying to find a community that will say ‘yes we want to do this.…’”
Click here.
Note: See first comment, below.

Bromeliads in Our Greenhouse

These varieties of bromeliads grow without soil, getting their water from the air. Here they are happy growing in and around dry stalks of cholla plants I brought back from Baja California.

The 10-Minute Workout

"According to the latest science, not only do multiple short sessions of exercise generally provide the same health and fitness benefits as a comparable amount of exercise completed in one uninterrupted workout, but by some measures, the briefer bouts are better.…"

Article in this morning's New York Times Science section by Gretchen Reynolds here.

Click here for our "On The Job" workout routine: stretches and exercises you can do at work, using body weight for weight lifting. Total workout time 5-15 minutes. Photocopy and keep in desk or on wall.

Gardeners' World Magazine

This is by far the best gardening magazine I've ever seen. Everything in it seems useful, and I even like the ads.
  In all these decades of planting and pruning fruit trees, I only pruned in winter. I read the article here on summer pruning and did some heavy pruning on 2 apple trees yesterday (it's mid-summer). Do they look good! I've always tried to form a good basic structure in the winter, but come summer, there's always an explosion of shoots in all directions. Yesterday I cut those back. The trees look better, and there'll be more energy flowing to the apples without all that useless foliage.
   The magazine has lots of photos showing you how to do stuff. I also learned some key things about harvesting garlic in this issue.

KIT For Converting Van to Camper

"The QUQUQ is a European-designed camping box that transforms a regular passenger vehicle into a fully equipped camper for two. Within just one minute, you can be sleeping, cooking or just hanging out in your QUQUQ camper van.…"
Click here.
It's expensive, only fits certain vans, but it's a plan for building your own.
Someone, can't remember who, sent this in as a blog comment.

Saturday Bike Ride/Tiny Home On Move Progress

A few pics from yesterday. Photogenic redwood by roadside. A little farther up the road, I saw a bunch of what looked like green leaves under a pine tree. Getting closer, they were wings (believe that's the right word) of a pine cone, and lo, they were sailing down from the tree. Aha!  Stopped under the tree, looked up and here was a bushy grey squirrel at work, getting pine nuts and jettisoning the wings.
   I've been admiring this beautiful field of artichokes for a while. Creek bottom soil.

Feels so good to be mobile again.

Our new book Tiny Homes On the Move is popping right now. It's about 80% together. Lots of great last-minute material. I love watching it come together. Like sailing in unknown waters. We never know what form it will take until the parts are all assembled. Exciting to see a book getting born.

"Adrift," Stunning Video On San Francisco Fog by Simon Christen

From Mike W, who has sent us a ton of good stuff.