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Fairy Houses Popping Up in San Francisco

"Turns out, Golden Gate Park isn't the only desirable place to live if you're a teeny tiny someone. Bernal Heights has become the latest hot-spot for the new fairy houses that have been springing up in San Francisco this year. As Bernalwood notes, the neighborhood has spotted a few teeny tiny tree houses of their own in recent days. They're as small as the tree houses found in Golden Gate Park, although, we noticed the architecture takes on a more quirky bohemian appearance, reflective of the human-sized houses you find in Bernal Heights.…"
Article in SFWeekly by Erin Sherbert, photo: Badass Bernalwood Press
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Foreign Translations of Our Building Books

Over the years we've had many translations done of our fitness books. For example, Stretching is in 23 languages.
   Less so for our building books. In the mid-'70s, Shelter was translated into Spanish, French and German.
   In recent years, we've had a bunch of our building books translated. Shown here, left-to-right:
-Tiny Homes in Korean
-Builders of the Pacific Coast in Korean
-Homework in Japanese
-Homework in French
-Homework in Korean
-Shelter in Korean
-Shelter in French
-Shelter in German
-Shelter in Japanese
-Shelter in Spanish

Almost all of our books have been translated into Korean, for some reason.

Each of our contracts with foreign publishers has a clause that says they can make no changes in the general layout or the cover. When we got the Korean version of Builders of the Pacific Coast, they had completely redesigned the book and its cover. It was totally different! And guess what — I loved it! — and emailed them to tell them so. Like the French did with Shelter in the '70s, they understood the spirit of the book and interpreted it for their readers. Wonderful.

Mother Earth News Launches Natural Building Facebook Page

Our good friends at TMEN have just launched a new Facebook page dedicated to natural building here.

"About: News, notes and networking based on natural building and green homes, with info and advice from Mother Earth News and other expert sources.

Description: Our Natural Building & Green Homes Facebook Page invites posts of inspiring photos and expert advice on all kinds of green building options and natural building methods, including straw bale, cob, cordwood, timber frames, logs, earthbags, and more.

We will post links to other resources such as our national events calendar, and at the top of the page you can find our user-generated Google map of green homes and natural building resources

—The Editors of Mother Earth News magazine"

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Roadkill Now Legal in Montana

"As some Montanans see it, when it comes to the thousands of animal carcasses that litter the state’s roads and highways each year, there is only one logical thing to do: Eat them.
   Under a new state law, people who come across dead deer, elk, moose and antelope — or strike them with their vehicles — may now haul the animals home for dinner.…"
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From Lynn Kading

We're Selling Books At Solano Avenue Street Fair Sunday in Berkeley

We'll have a booth at this event for the first time this year. Sunday Sept. 8, 10 AM-6 PM. Solano is on the edge of Berkeley and Albany, perpendicular to San Pablo and Shattuck. They say 200,000 people attend this affair. Music, food, crafts, eco-type booths, etc. We'll be selling our building books at a DISCOUNT! (Our booth is pretty close to top of block, outside 5 Star Video, 1882 Solano. Across street from Noah's Bagels.)

BTW, when I was a kid, my brother and I used to take a streetcar from the Laguna Honda Station in San Francisco down to the Key System terminal at the base of the Bay Bridge, then catch the F train that crossed the bridge (on the lower deck) and went all the way through Berkeley on Shattuck, then through the tunnel to Solano Avenue, where we'd get off and walk a block or so to our cousins' house on Marin Avenue. My aunt Dorothy was married to ex Berkeley All-American Berkeley High School football player Chili Bertoli, and we spent many weekends with the Bertolis. 10-12 years old, traveling all that distance on 1940s rapid transit, no chaperones. (The rail lines were torn out in 1958, and the lower deck converted to pavement for cars.) Ah me, I do digress.

"Will It Ever Change," by Luther Allison from a great album, "Live in Chicago":

Will It Ever Change? by Luther Allison on Grooveshark

Dubai Motor Home For Sale-- $3.8 Million

"The world's most expensive motorhome has gone on sale in Dubai - covered in gold and worth a cool £2 million. The space-age eleMMent Palazzo comes complete with a colossal master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace.
   But the most impressive piece of luxury is the 'Sky Lounge' - at the press of a button the 40ft home transforms into a personal retreat with pop up cocktail bar, underfloor heating and extravagant marble lighting.…"
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From Godfrey Stephens

Kent Griswold & Deek Diedrickson Visit Shelter

Two of the mightiest men in the tiny house movement, Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog) and Deek Diedrickson (Relaxshacks) visited Shelter a few weeks back. We did a homestead tour, then had dinner.
For Deek's photos and story, click here.

Latest GIMME SHELTER Newsletter/My NPR Interview Last Week

I just did this latest GIMME SHELTER email newsletter.

I started sending these out maybe 10 years ago, originally for sales reps, to about 750 people. Mainly on the state of Shelter's publishing projects. With blogging, I send these out less frequently, but they still do reach people who don't read the blog.
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Useful Objects Made From Recycled Materials in Amsterdam

"Foundation, a concept by Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten is about collecting waste material and old furniture from the neighborhood, moving it to a waste container, reusing it to turn it into a small house (with the container as the foundation), to become a temporary meeting place for neighbours and passers-by.
   During the project, graphic designer Jet van Zwieten will give shape to a public journal or another communication tool that shows the progress and tells the story of the found material and its contributors. This site-specific and investigative approach to design and public space leaves room for unexpected local input and cooperation.…"
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From Mike W

Saab Camper Shell

"…The Toppola…is the detachable camper add-on tailored to exactly match the shapes and contours of a Saab 900's rear end. You remove the rear hatch, mount the tall, plastic camper bulge, and off you go. The amount of IKEA goods a Toppola can hold is surely nothing short of enormous, and the weight addition is a mere 250 lbs."

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From Evan Kahn

Tiny House in Trees in Maine

"…Step inside the 350 ft2 (32.5 m2) Tree House and you will find a cozy space brightly lit by many windows and skylights. A comfortable window seat invites you to curl up with a book, take a nap, or enjoy the ocean view. There is also a table hinged to the wall so it can be folded up out of the way when not needed. A ladder takes you up to the sleeping loft.
   Other than the built-in furniture, the interior is unfinished with no insulation or wall finish, leaving the rough-sawn Douglas fir framing on view. Both levels have their own balconies, with the lower one connected by a rope bridge to a zip-line.…"
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Phil's Backyard -- Paleo Playground

Following up a blog comment, I checked out Tim Joe Comstock's blog and found this.

" Old Phil Stine ran past the leavings from the morning hog feeding. His dog Tuesday, a yellow dog of indeterminate age and breeding, kept pace on his left flank. Running easily past the clearing, they cut left through a dense thicket of scrub pine and palmetto and broke clear into the vista that was Phil's backyard. While Phil's old family holdings were a mere one hundred or so acres, they were acres that backed up onto a vast wetlands of both public and private holdings, many square miles of untouched land except for the cattle that roamed throughout and the handful of men who rode the fence line and also the occasional hunters who illegally found their way onto the place.

     Approaching a mud bog that could have been inches deep or bottomless, Phil increased his speed, bounding forward and leaping onto an old swimming pool diving board that he had cemented firmly in place there, gaining no small amount of height and speed and throwing him physically clear of the bog, as Tuesday ran around and over with a small leap of her own. They were moving fast now, dodging and leaping and cutting through small openings that would have been invisible to someone who did not know how to see them. Blasting forth into yet another small clearing, there stood a magnificent old Florida live oak, its huge branches spreading out and commanding and sheltering the clearing with a kind of patriarchal presence.