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Bug in Berkeley today

I've owned 4 of them. To have owned one is to love them. Drove cross country, NY to San Francisco both in 1957, again in winter 1960 with 3 adults, one baby/100 gallons coast-to-coast, gas 40 cents per gallon=$40 total; went thru snowstorms, 35 horsepower...

Queen Anne Style Architecture in Berkeley Today.

How many of today's carpenters could build like this?

The 2,500-Mile Across-USA Expedition of Bernie Harberts and His Mule Polly

Hi Lloyd,
Last we spoke, I was telling you about the “Lost Sea Expedition”. It was just mule Polly and me traveling across the USA in our wagon. We were looking for stories behind the Lost Sea, the ancient seabed that once covered the Great Plains.
I filmed the journey without a film crew, support vehicle or sponsor. I charged my camera gear off the solar panel bolted to the wagon roof. Now, that footage has been turned in to the “Lost Sea Expedition” TV series.
First, a bit about the journey:
As I bumped across the USA in my wagon, I folks what they knew about the Lost Sea. Early on, a Lakota elder told me about “buffalo stones” - fossils from a marine creature called a baculite. From there, the story took off in all directions. I thought I was looking for a vanished sea. Instead, I unearthed an all-American web covering topics as far ranging as the Ogallala Aquifer, Creationism, Evolutionism, Prairie Fever ,and Depression-era horse breaking.
Who knew that diving in to the origins of a long vanished sea would turn in to a journey to the heart of America?
2,500-mile wagon route across America

46 Buddhas on a Wall…

These appeared on the wall at the closed-down concrete and gravel facility, Joslin Brothers, on a back road between Petaluma and Pt. Reyes Station, Calif. August 19, 2016

Sonoma county glass last Thursday

Natural Building Colloquium - High Desert, Southern California Oct. 17th-22nd, 2016

"Focusing on the West Coast and South West
Quail Springs is an educational and land stewardship nonprofit organization dedicated to demonstrating and teaching holistic ways of designing human environments, restoring and revitalizing the land and community, and facilitating deeper understandings of ourselves and one another through immersive experiences in nature. The 2016 Colloquium organizing team consists of the whole Quail Springs team, Sasha Rabin*, Tammy Van, and Rebekah Hacker."

"The gathering will give focus and priority to the building and builders of the west coast and south west, US. ​ We ask that all people attending the colloquium have some experience with natural building. This is not the event for the novice builder. That being said, we value the fresh eyes and perspectives, and enthusiasm that comes with a newness to the field. We will strive for a balance of experienced attendees, while also encouraging the next generation of builders.…"

*Sasha's beautiful cob house will be in Small Homes.