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Fake News My Ass!

It's called journalism and I've been heartened the last few days by the media refusing to be cowered by this lying bully. There was a scathing, hard-hitting editorial in the NYTimes yesterday titled "The Missing Pieces in the Flynn Story." Right on! Then last night I watched Judy Woodruff on PBS go after the smarmy former Trump campaign manager Carter Page and his actions in Russia. He wouldn't answer her when she asked "Were you in any kind of contact with Russian officials?" but just kept using the phrase "fake news."
In my high school journalism class, Mr. Patterson taught us about "the five Ws and one H:" the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How questions that must be answered before any story is complete. AND about journalistic objectivity in reporting the news and saving your opinions for the editorial page. That was the ideal, anyway. The art of journalism.

I'm glad the journalists are not backing down, and the way Trump went after the NYTimes today means they're getting to him. Viva the power of the pen! (Drawing from an old Punch magazine)

I had the thought last night that it would be good to forget about labels like conservative or liberal and have the focus be on the truth (insofar as it can be determined). What really happened?
And what is honest, what is fair, what is compassionate?

Sorry, every once in a while, the political situation breaks through here. I know people don't read this blog for my political views, but the hideousness of what is happening right now causes me to erupt on occasion. To my amazement, there are Trump supporters that read this blog, and I just don't get it. Everything that I write about or photograph comes from a mind and soul that is deeply opposed to this mean-spirited prick.


Ross Groff said...

Lloyd, I may have canceled my order for your new book if you felt different (some might ).Please sign my copy,the order was placed yesterday .and please keep writing and publishing. Ross

Paula said...

I truly believe that we are hurling headlong toward our Constitution's finest moment. It's wildly entertaining while it's happening, but - like a great rollercoaster - also scary as hell. My favorite comment of the week: "He's going to die in jail."

Stephen said...

Lloyd, never apologize for expressing your opinion. I'm very disheartened by the recent, and ongoing, course of events and I fear that things will get much worse before the voice of reason and the need for self-preservation takes hold. I struggle to fathom the reluctance of people to accept and appreciate the gravity of the dire situation that we, as a country (and species), have put ourselves in in the name of financial gain, vanity, and myopic vision. I don't know what the answers are but I do know that we cannot afford to stay the course.
Thanks for your continuing inspiration in living a more deliberate and aware life.

bayrider said...

The political situation has broken through every facet of our lives and we are now living in The Donald's Reality Show 24/7. I don't know how to tune this out of my life, we can't look away at this critical time but we can't live decent and joyous lives with this onerous shit hanging in our ears every day.

“I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie. I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.” – H.L. Mencken

“The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

Island Woman MJ said...

I'm always happy when you go political, expressing and confirming a very long mutual confirmation society with those we only know by this medium and books. My surprise is always the same when finding out I actually know Trump supporters that I care about a lot. Not many in my circle(s) but I'm continually baffled. They live on boats, they are travelers, how could I not have known? As the rubber is burning and screeching down the road however, our polite dances may turn into a more quiet road rage. It makes me sad. For them.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd I consider you a role model and love your work. However I think the echo chamber over there on the coast is preventing you from understanding the real reasons we ended up with a buffoon like Trump as president.

We have a democratic party that has abandoned the working class in favor of a cancerous, overly-politically correct ideology that stifles honest discourse and debate.

We have a Job market that has produced nothing but part-time shit jobs like bartending and stocking the shelves at Walmart for the last 8 years.

We've had a democratic, peace prize laureate, president starting wars in the middle east and using drones to kill innocent people at wedding parties in Yemen.

Then, what used to be the "good" party kills Bernie's campaign, and gives us a corrupt, banker friendly, war-monger like Hillary Clinton.

And you wonder how Trump got into office? It was a fuck you to a system that no longer works for the average man in this country, a protest vote if you will. The more unlikable Trump was, the better weapon he made to toss into the spokes of a machine that only values the people at the top.

People don't like Trump, but they love the fact that the media and the corrupt upper echelons in this country hate him. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I voted for Obama twice on the hope and change ticket, he failed miserably (I know it is hard to see that from the ivory tower that is San Fran, but come take a look at the rust belt). I voted for Trump because he was the only valid expression of discontent available after Bernie sold out.

Some Trump voters are true believers, and God help them, but most are NOT racist, xenophobic, women haters. They are the new "forgotten" men and women, and despite their suffering, they are ignored and belittled as "privileged" by a left that used to champion their cause.

This is why you have a clown in the white house, the left has no one to blame but itself.

Wishing you all the best,

Michael Allison

Anonymous said...

Lloyd love and all your books starting with shelter, however the above post is right on the money. Bolinas is a fairy land in Marin County. Look at the devastation in places like Scranton and Reading PA and my home Perth Amboy NJ another city by the bay. Raritan that is. The illegal immigration have left these places crime ridden and in poverty. I've never voted for a Republican until last November


Arthur Hodge said...

Your appraisal is frank and true. I think the many pat, over-thought theories as to how Mr. Trump won are suspect. It was a horrid fluke-- some combination of outside meddling, fake news/public gullibility, confusion-based voter apathy (less than half of eligible voters voted!), the Comey announcement, too much emphasis on Trump's negatives by the Clinton campaign (understandable though), the 25-year drumbeat of unfounded conservative attacks on the Clintons, and especially the baffling belief by some that this country is going to shit because LGBT folks finally have rights, racist policing and over-incarceration are being examined, and the top 1% are being reigned in. Since when did a sub-5% unemployment rate signal societal collapse? Those in rural areas depressed by the departure of big mommy-industries need to get a grip. For one thing, things could be worse for them without the Tea Party-demonized trade agreements that have been in place. For another, whatever happened to the good old American work-ethic? If your sawmill or coal mine or factory job goes away, why aren't you grabbing your bootstraps, going to where the jobs are, learning new skills, starting your own businesses, doing whatever you need to do get on with life like people did during the Great Depression? Instead you sit in your dying towns, shoot heroin, vilify immigrants for taking the jobs you don't want, and whine about your terrible victimhood and how it's all caused by minorities, "political correctness" and George Soros... then you somehow think it's a good idea to vote for a bad joke in a horrible comb-over who thinks he is literally the best president (no- the best human!) in the history of the world (and is turning out to be the opposite). Get real people. You can have a good life if you have the courage and smarts to utilize the many advantages of this, still the best country in the world. Abandon the bankrupt assertion that obsolete industries can magically re-appear and rescue you. Have the cojones to downsize, perhaps; cut waste from your life, participate in your community. Be willing to change your life if you need to, it can be done. The world is changing, staying behind is not an option. Trump voters, you are living in a fantasy world. Wake the hell up!

Anonymous said...

@Arthur Hodge

"Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps"? like that is possible in a situation where subsidized big business and the government collude to get the best deal for themselves, usually by means of exploiting slave labor in third world countries. You might as well tell people they will win big in the casino as long as they keep spending their money on the slots.

The sooner you stop conflating progress with corruption, graft and identity politics run amok, the better off you'll be. This country is sick, and pretending that things are rosy, and that Trump voters are just whiny anachronisms, will only lead to a second term for the moron. Callous and willful ignorance in regards to how truly fucked this country is, is a poor substitute for empathy and understanding. Stop watching Network news, take a road trip outside of whatever bubble you live in, and you'll see why we have an orange clown for president. Take if from a frustrated liberal such as myself, our party has it wrong.

No offense intended,

Michael Allison

Anonymous said...

"Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instance that I preached "

bayrider said...

The two parties are both completely ineffectual, the health care and college educational systems are extortionate, pensions and jobs are disappearing. America is one big grifting corrupt series of rackets that only the insiders profit from. I get it, the system needs to be smashed up. I would agree with many pro growth economy ideas that Trump has expressed but he has displayed nothing but ignorance and lies on top of his pathological personality disorders. You can't get to where we need to go with ignorance, lies and scapegoating and how anyone could vote for this shit storm expecting progress is beyond foolish. The problems we are experiencing are not a justification for authoritarianism or the adoption of un-American values.

Anonymous said...


"I get it, the system needs to be smashed up."

And trump is the perfect tool for the job. You may not personally like him, I don't. But suddenly everyone is politically involved right? People are actually talking about our problems instead of ignoring them right?

Political correctness doesn't dispense with racism, sexism, and bigotry anymore than ignoring a drug problem makes you a non-addict. It covers it up, makes it worse, and lets it fester along with resentment. It also annihilates the possibility of an honest conversation, for fear of being labelled a horrible thing like racist. It is the new McCarthyism, we simply shout "racist" instead of "communist" when anyone dissents against the liberal party line. It is a very good thing that this is dying.

Trump's buffoonery and tone deaf narcissism have shaken us out of our apathy and complacency. No more autopilot over the cliff (like it would have been with Hillary), now we begin to work problems out, one way or the other. There is incredible value in that if you can hold your nose.

And I wouldn't worry to seriously about him becoming a dictator, as the immigration order fiasco has proven, the balance of power between branches is alive and well.

Michael Allison

Holly said...

Love this post Lloyd...I too remember the basics of journalism...so funny how those things stick with us.
Please keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

It is sad how politically divided this country has become. I believe we as a people do have a common core of ideals and principals and we need less career politicians and more altruistic people to govern with less laws. We as a people need to be aware that this division is of benefit only to those who would seek to see our demise. Great countries have historically fallen from internal strife than from external attack. Let us be positive and support the good things our leaders are doing and cognizant of the negative, whether they be 'liberal' or 'conservative'.

Selwyn Gossett said...

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your blog and for your books and being around a most interesting time in our history and doing creative, interesting things and willing to be wrong (domes aren't the best way to build shelter, said the dome guy!), all of which to say several things: He IS a mean-spirited prick, and his most vocal supporters also appear to be the same (he keeps company with people I see as un-American, if not traitorous, besides all their other bad qualities); most importantly, it's your blog, YOURS, and as the bizarre Feb. 19 at 7:30 comment shows, while letting pressure out every now and then is a good thing, the algorithm the professional trolls use apparently alerts them to any negatives against their employer(s) and you get this.
It's your blog and I agree with you about our situation, but interesting, sane counter responses are too few.
I'll still read.........saw where Washington state legislature is trying to change the minimum home and room size to help the tiny house - or at least sane sized homes movement - and that's interesting.
Thanks for your books. You are a treasure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd
We outside the US wonder with disbelif and concern how such a childish moron managed to get elected as President. Comments like yours do some way to restore our faith in the people of the USA!!

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