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Young Polar Bear

"There's this young polar bear….Goes up to its mother and asks, Mummy, am I a real polar bear?" Mummy replies, "Course you are. You've got white fur, you've got claws, you live in the Arctic and you eat fish. Why do you ask?" Young polar bear replies, "Because I'm fucking freezing."
-From the novel Black Widow by Christopher Brookmyre

Building on Presidio, #sanfrancisco last night. Bilateral #symmetry

# oldposter at SF Presidio Officers'Club tonite. #vintage #army #cavalry #horse

Surfing on the Wild Coast of Vancouver Island

From Bob Kahn
Same kind of guy as Bruno Atkey (see Builders of the Pacific Coast)

Hacking a Keyboard

For years I've had a persistent problem with hitting the "m" or "n" keys when hitting the space bar, so that words ran togethermlikenthis. I glued this piece of cutout bone to the space bar and voila! Problem solved.

Blam! Storm Totals My Honda Fit

A big rock tumbled down an embankment in front of my car (on Hwy. One just north of Stinson Beach) last week and pretty well demolished the motor. Knocked holes in oil pan and knocked engine off its mounts. (No injuries.) Total loss. Insurance covers it and AAA has been really good in processing the claim. So I'm looking at another Fit and also checking out the Subaru Crosstrek, and other small hatchbacks.

Lots of Good Tech Stuff on Latest Cool Tools

This is one of many interesting items. To get full info (and clickable links), go to: http://kk.org/cooltools.

Scamp Trailer

Saw this parked on a local street. 13' long, fiberglass, kind of in between an Airstream and a Teardrop trailer. About 10K$ used.