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The Perfect Song and The Perfect Movie (From the Early '60s), All in One Day

Mr Postman, by the Marvelettes, 1961
I thought this was a Beatles song, but here is the original. The singing, the phrasing,
Way-yay-yay-yate Mr. Postman,
the enunciation, Dee-liver the let-ter, the sooner the bet-ter,
I'm just crazy about this song. It's on a 3-disc  collection: She's So Fine: The Rise of the Girl Groups, about 90 songs. The Chantelles, the Shirelles, the Bobettes, the Ikettes. I don't know of any singing like this nowadays.

François Truffaut's Jules et Jim, 1962
Then, last night I watched this, with 5 friends in a small cabin in the woods, and was stunned. Just an absolutely perfect movie, a masterpiece. It's wonderful when a work of art can lift you into another realm.
I think I saw it about 50 (ulp!) years ago, but it didn't hit me then. (The Surf Theater was a small theater out by the beach in San Francisco's Sunset District that played foreign films in the '60s. For us California kids, it provided a sophisticated and different view of art and the world: Goddard, Ingmar Bergman, Truffaut, Kurosawa…)

Fsh with poissanality at Saigon Village restaurant in San Rafael yesterday

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#wildturkey last night in front yard of ranger's house near #muirwoods

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Baby Elephant Seal on Beach Saturday

Marine Mammal Center was on its way.
Relevant factoids:
1. Typical males are 16' long, weigh 3 tons.
2. They can hold their breath for 100 minutes and typically dive 1,000 to 2,000 feet.
3. They propel themselves up to 5 mph by using their tail fins.

Back home from #Mexico to vibrant #california spring in the garden. #fishpond

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