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Carving in Godfey and Megan's (she is a master chef!) kitchen. One of the few objects in the house not by Godfrey. #godfreystephens #art

Art of Godfrey Stephens

Check out Godfrey Stephens' hashtags: http://abphy.com/hashtag/godfreystephens

I'm hanging out today in Victoria, BC, with my good friend Godfrey (we met on the beach in Yelapa, near Puerto Vallarts in 1964). He is in my mind one of the major artists in the world, but somehow relatively undiscovered. He's a whirlwind of creative energy. More to follow. See writeup on him and his carvings and paintings in Builders of the Pacific Coast.
I'm at the start of a 3-week trip publicizing Small Homes: The Right Size. I'll be in BC for 10 days, then on to Winnipeg, Toronto, then NYC.

Detail of Godfrey Stephens' "Hootla Kootla gorgon ("very unfinished") today in #victoria. #godfreystephens

Taking off on 4-week trip to Canada & #NYC to publicize new book Small Homes. Stops at Hornsby Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, then NYC. After about 10 years of only carry-on baggage, got this honker bag, so much simpler plus I have books, projector, camera, what a relief to check it in.

6 donkeys, 2 ponies, 3 horses, and a llama in BC

As you can see we have a sweet little collection of your books going.  In the back of Small Homes, Lloyd mentions what would be the next book.  All of them sound great, but BARNS would be what we would like to see.  We have 6 donkeys, 2 ponies, 3 horses, and a llama and I would like nothing better than to live in a barn with them and have my art studio!  So our vote goes to writing a book on BARNS!  We also have a 1200 acre woodlot with old growth Doug fir, a Woodmizer sawmill, a Nile kiln, and a Logosol planer, so we could make a marvelous barn with some great ideas coming from a BARN book of yours! 

Howard and Beatrix Linde
Williams Lake, BC

Steven's House Box on Wheels in San Francisco Bay Area

Dear Lloyd,

My name is Vera, from San Francisco. Last night I attended your presentation at Mollusk surf shop. I want to thank you for a wonderful evening. On my way home I thought about a very special home that I think you may be interested in.

About a month ago I was biking home and I passed an incredible structure on wheels on the side of the street. I saw a man on the sidewalk doing some woodwork next to it. I was so curious about this beautifully made structure, so I decided to return and talk to the man. His name is Steven, he's been homeless on and off his whole life. Although, I'm not quite sure you could call him homeless anymore because now he has his box (that's what he likes to call it). Steven's box is set on wheels. It is made entirely from materials he has sourced around the city.

I ended up talking with Steven for three hours. Well, I mostly just listened to him. I have a few photos of his box that I'm attaching here, but they really don't do it justice. He is incredibly innovative, he built his own heater/stovetop and has figured out a way to get clean running water (although the fire chief made him get rid of the stove after complementing his ingenuity). He stained the wood on the exterior a beautiful color using a mixture of steel wool and vinegar. He even has a number and planter box at his front door. Maybe someday you'd like to meet him yourself. He's helping build boxes for some of his friends now too.

Have a wonderful day, thanks again for your inspiring work.

p.s. Unfortunately I did not take a photo from the other side of the box which has the stained boards of wood that look similar to the sliding front door.


#puravida, such a wonderful expression, used extensively in Costa Rica, literally "pure life, but is used in many other ways. This was on the sand at Muir Beach.

Tiny House Blog Magazine

Kent Griswold's Tiny House Blog was the first full-time blog dedicated to tiny houses. Its subtitle is "Living Simply in Small Spaces." It's the standard-bearer and station central for the tiny house movement online: http://tinyhouseblog.com/
Kent also puts out the Tiny House Blog magazine: http://tinyhouseblog.com/magazine/